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In Radio, Word Count Matters


Why a song commercial?


Here’s a scene: It’s a weekday morning. You’re stuck in traffic on your way into work. You flip on the radio to catch up on news and tunes. Between sips of coffee and taps of brakes, the station breaks for commercial. And then it starts – an unnaturally fast, incomprehensible rush of advertising madness that leaves you equal parts confused and longing to get back the 15 seconds of your life you just wasted.

Bad radio is all around and the biggest reason? Too many damn words.

Now, I’m a copywriter so I love the crap out of words, but when writing for a fixed amount of time, word count matters. You may feel like you’re getting more for your money by cramming as much into your allotted time as possible, but it’s to the detriment of your message. Without a natural cadence and spaces to breathe – literally and figuratively – the listener gets lost.

Think of it this way: in music, the rests are every bit as important as the notes because they add structure, convey emotion and give the listener a break to make sense of what they’re hearing. Without them, music becomes noise.

Rests in radio, or, really, any spoken piece, do the exact same thing. When your only context comes from sound, more sound is just more noise.


Article Source: By Aimee Dierbeck

Why Radio Ads?

  • It’s the only medium that goes directly to the right brain and only the right brain

Why The Right Brain?

  • People make every buying decision in the right brain

Which Branding Is Better, Emotional or Logical?

  • Emotional branding is done only in the right brain through audio.
  • Logical branding a.k.a. as visual branding is done in the left brain.
  • People buy from their right brain so that’s where you want your message to go.

Why Engage The Imagination?

  • To engage the imagination, you must engage the right brain

Why Is Radio Better Than Print?

  • Print is all left brain and does not engage the imagination as much as the right brain.

What Phrase Do People Remember The Most?

  • The Last spoken phrase known as the “Recency Effect”

Why Should There Only Be One Call-To-Action?

  • Because two or more is confusing so only chose one.

What Benefit Should I Mention?

  • The only ONE that is the most important

Why Is Memory So Important In Radio Advertising?

  • Long term EMOTIONAL Branding will help people remember your product or service

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