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In :30 Seconds Or Less Tell Everyone
 To Vote For You And Why!

Listen To These Submitted Entries:

 The whole idea is to get listeners to hear from the artist directly and hopefully feel a connection to the artist.

So an example of a script could be:

Hello, this is gospel recording artist "name" and we/I want to thank you for listening to our/my music on this station. 

We/I have been nominated for a "name" award and could really use your help by voting for us at "name awards show website".

So, visit "awards show website" and vote for "name of artist" and again thank you for all the love and support you have given us.

You may have to do it over several times to get it right and that's okay the recording can be redone over before you send it.

Also, do not mention the radio stations because this will air on multiple stations.

FREE! - This Is Only To Ask People To Vote For You - FREE

If you promote your website, company or where your music is available, your message will be deleted and not used. THIS IS NOT A RADIO COMMERCIAL.

We will use this recording to promote it on our affiliate radio stations and push it to over 30,000 people on our combined social media!

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