Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m seeing the letters GRF and GSC a lot lately, what do they stand for?

A: (the social media replacement for Twitter where it’s all about the gospel industry) (a site that monitors internet gospel radio stations only in order to build song charts)

Q: I no longer see my song being tweeted on Twitter, why not?

A: Most radio stations are no longer using Twitter to post what they are playing. Many have switched to (GRF).

Q: Will I get notified or tagged when you promote my single?

A: Yes, we can now use the @Mention in our post but only at After sign up, you can set your account to receive updates.

Q: The chart link doesn’t seem to work for me, is there another way I can view it?

A: Yes you can go to the chart directly. It updates weekly:

Q:  The email says my promotion has X days left but not according to when I purchased it?

A: The automated emails do not take into account the time your promotion actually started. It’s just an estimated time frame. Most promotions do not start on the same day it was ordered.

Q: I don’t see my tweets/post using the Tracking Form on the site, why not?

A: The Post Tracking Form only works when you do not use @ or #. If your tracking keyword is #JohnDoe, you should only use JohnDoe in the form.

Q: I’m not hearing my song or ad but I hear others can you explain what’s happening?

A: Sure, the stations involved should give you hours of the day your song will be promoted in but again your promotion may not start the same day you ordered it. Sometimes it starts up to 5 days after the day you ordered it and each station does it at the time and day that works for them.

Q: Does my promotion start on the same day for each station?

A: No, each station is independently owned and operated.

Q: I used the wrong GRF tracking keyword can I change it?

A: Yes, if you wish to update or change your GRF tracking keyword you can do so, just let us know and we can pass it along to the stations we work with.

Q: I’ve sent emails but have not received answers???

A: Sorry about that, the reply to the automated emails are not monitored but today I spent a couple of hours making changes to change that.

Q: If I have questions about a station in this promo who do I contact?

A: You should contact the radio station in question because there are more than one stations represented. They are not owned nor operated by the same people.

Q: Was the Vote 4 Me campaign a one time deal?

A: Actually No, you can use the Vote 4 Me Promotion anytime you want to get the word out about voting for you in various showcases. It’s an ongoing promotion.


Q: I have access to the GSC charts and sometimes my numbers don’t match the spins I paid for?

A: Unfortunately there are a lot of things that can go wrong from the time a song and it’s metadata leave a station and makes it to the various destinations like GSC, GRF, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and SoundExchange. In much the same way you get buffering when watching your favorite video, Internet traffic can get hung up on it’s way out. We don’t have control of that but know for sure that our stations have reports and they do deliver on what they promised.

Q: I got an email saying my promotion has ended but it shouldn’t have.

A: The automated emails will go out at the set times they are set for but they may get to you ahead of time or behind time. They are simply reminders. Even if you renewed your order the email will still go out. Ignore the email if it does not say what’s currently happening with your promotion.
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