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Produced by Roderick “Dephat” Carter Producer & Recording Engineer

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Duranice Pace

Tony Mclendon

J Walker

Stephanie Sample

Pro-Ads Service

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Get Your Custom Pro Radio Ad to Help Promote Your Product!

Radio commercials keeps your name, product, service or information consistently on the minds of the listener. This massively increases your branding and awareness. For only $25.00

Why Radio Ads?

  • It’s the only medium that goes directly to the right brain and only the right brain

Why The Right Brain?

  • People make every buying decision in the right brain

Which Branding Is Better, Emotional or Logical?

  • Emotional branding is done only in the right brain through audio.
  • Logical branding a.k.a. as visual branding is done in the left brain.
  • People buy from their right brain so that’s where you want your message to go.

Why Engage The Imagination?

  • To engage the imagination, you must engage the right brain

Why Is Radio Better Than Print?

  • Print is all left brain and does not engage the imagination as much as the right brain.

What Phrase Do People Remember The Most?

  • The Last spoken phrase known as the “Recency Effect”

Why Should There Only Be One Call-To-Action?

  • Because two or more is confusing so only chose one.

What Benefit Should I Mention?

  • The only ONE that is the most important

Why Is Memory So Important In Radio Advertising?

  • Long term EMOTIONAL Branding will help people remember your product or service

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I have produced over 1,000 radio ads for local businesses, website owners, book authors, bands, affiliate marketers and more! Let me be the voice for your product or service!

Roderick D. Carter

Recording Engineer/Music Producer/Radio Engineer

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